Thursday, 12 March 2009

These hands

These hands have...

Held my newborn son

Have climbed a mountain

Have carressed

Have defended

Have opened

Have shut

Have buried

Have offered comfort

Have scratched

Have picked

Have wiped tears

Have saved my life

Have held 140.000 ciggaretes

Have gestured in anger

Have given praise

Have painted

Have felt pain

Have given pleasure

Have thrown

Have found

Have pointed

Have ripped

Have saved a life

Have written

Have repaired

Have destroyed

Have built

Have planted

Have climbed a tree

Have crushed

Have pinged

Have nipped

Have Tickled

Have poked

Have Pushed

Have Dug

Have Slapped

Have massaged

Have knitted

Have Cooked

Have solved

Have Grated

Have stirred

Have felt cold

Have felt warm

Have sweated

Have shook

Have stroked an elephant

Have captured a fish

Have held a bat

Have broken 1 0r more of the 10 commandments

Have shook Morrisseys hand

Have squashed an insect

Have been read by mystics

Have typed this blog post


  1. these hands.... ....touch me..inspire me..teach me..hold me.. love me..tickle me.. annoy me...and soooo much more.........x

  2. for the record, it's a mole, right?!?!!!!X

  3. That was really wonderful! these hands aplaude your hands ;)