Sunday, 31 May 2009

Scary Lady

You do not want to mess with this lostfoot..

Alien War Glasgow

We went Alien War in Glasgow on Friday, had a wee magners before going to Alien War in Glasgow. Was terrifying, Debs was a mess, check out the vid for an insight into experience.

We were invited to a medievil wedding the other week. Everybody had to get dressed up..sean scare the

Haven't posted for a wee while going to try and catch up today inbetween catching some sun. Love this picture of Ewan, dirty jeans a sign of a good day out.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Loved this..

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Splodgenessabounds-Brown paper

THis is my new splodge vid..very silly...

Friday, 27 March 2009


Work colleague burst his ear drum last out ear wax with a paper clip!!! granny used to say that you should never stick anything in your ear smaller than your elbow. Told colleague and he said your elbow wouldn't fit in your ear....I rest my

Thursday, 26 March 2009


Love Cats..Love Cats..I found this vid of two cats having a blether(A chat as we say in Scotland) it. If you watch this and have any cats in your house turn up the volume and they will come to investigate..What are they saying?. I have a theory about cats..when you give then a name they develop into it. I had a cat called Jamacia and life was just too fast for her..she was the most laid back cat in the world. I had another called Karma and yeah sometimes she was good..other times a little s##t. They never cease to amaze me....I hate dogs can't stand the things and nothing could persaude me otherwise.

Monday, 23 March 2009

My latest video..Hawaii-50..splodge

Monday, 16 March 2009

Jade Goody

Jade Goody..the rise and demise of a nobody. No disrespect meant... but love her or loath her she put herself on the map and..everybody likes to think that after they are gone they will be remembered and yeah this gobby chick has achieved that. I have grown to like her and at the end of the day has been a great mum and entertaining in a sort of irratating way. It disgusts me through that people through the express yourself channel...'You tube'..can freely post utter shite/vile/sick/demeaning/bigotry and still allow it to be displayed in the name of entertainment. Now don't get me wrong I have a very, very sick sense of humour..however even I have been disgusted by the following video. I actually highlighted it to 'You Tube' as offensive..still on. The video has now become a forum for hate and tit for tat.Yeah 'You Tube' you rock..ban a video because there is a copyright issue..'MONEY'..F##k with someones mind..nahhh..all in the name of free entertainment..

Thursday, 12 March 2009

These hands

These hands have...

Held my newborn son

Have climbed a mountain

Have carressed

Have defended

Have opened

Have shut

Have buried

Have offered comfort

Have scratched

Have picked

Have wiped tears

Have saved my life

Have held 140.000 ciggaretes

Have gestured in anger

Have given praise

Have painted

Have felt pain

Have given pleasure

Have thrown

Have found

Have pointed

Have ripped

Have saved a life

Have written

Have repaired

Have destroyed

Have built

Have planted

Have climbed a tree

Have crushed

Have pinged

Have nipped

Have Tickled

Have poked

Have Pushed

Have Dug

Have Slapped

Have massaged

Have knitted

Have Cooked

Have solved

Have Grated

Have stirred

Have felt cold

Have felt warm

Have sweated

Have shook

Have stroked an elephant

Have captured a fish

Have held a bat

Have broken 1 0r more of the 10 commandments

Have shook Morrisseys hand

Have squashed an insect

Have been read by mystics

Have typed this blog post

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

YouTube to block music videos

YouTube to block music videos
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Google Inc's online video site YouTube said on Monday it will block all music videos to British users after it was unable to reach a rights deal with the main songwriters' collection society.

As of 6pm Monday [9 March] every professional music video began being removed from YouTube.

The world's largest video sharing site said PRS for Music, a British collection society that collects royalties on behalf of nearly 50,000 composers, was asking it to pay "many many times" more than its previous licensing agreement which has expired.
"The costs are simply prohibitive for us - under PRS's proposed terms we would lose significant amounts of money with every playback," the company said in a blog on Monday.
The move is the latest sign of the tension between YouTube and the music industry and also indicates the video site's resolve to keep operating costs under control as it strives to generate meaningful profits for Google.
YouTube said PRS was unclear about which songs are included in the renewed licence.
PRS said it was "outraged" on behalf of consumers and songwriters by YouTube's move.
"Google has told us they are taking this step because they wish to pay significantly less than at present to the writers of the music on which their service relies, despite the massive increase in YouTube viewing," the London-based organisation said in a statement.
The move to block users access to artists' music videos and user-created videos, which feature licensed music, will take effect on Monday evening British time.
The commercial relationship between YouTube and PRS is separate from YouTube's relationship with major record companies. Those relationships have also been strained at times.
Record companies such as Vivendi's Universal Music Group or Warner Music Group own rights to the sound recordings and music videos. In December, rights talks between YouTube and Warner Music broke down after they failed to agree to payment terms, leading to thousands of videos being taken down.
YouTube and the music industry have had a tense relationship. On one hand, label executives acknowledge that the popular video site is the way many people discover new music especially as the power of radio and MTV wanes.
But at the same time with plunging CD sales, the labels hope that YouTube will serve both as a promotional outlet and a key revenue source.

This is bad situation for everyone concerned both arists and consumers. One of my own videos which had been on You Tube for over a year fell foul of You Tube's fall out with WMG and audio was removed. I know of someone who spent 11 hours creating a movie only to have the audio deleted and film direction ruined. Sort it out guys eh

Thursday, 5 March 2009


Disturbing video fro like it..however...not right

The sandman

I love the sandman is a wonderous thought that when you die dreams sister takes you by the hand..check this link for quotes from books..
The Sandman's main character is Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, who is essentially the anthropomorphic personification of dreams. At the start of the series, Morpheus is captured by an occult ritual and held prisoner for 70 years. Morpheus escapes in the modern day and after revenging himself upon his captors, sets about rebuilding his kingdom, which has fallen into disrepair in his absence. Gaiman himself has summarized the plot of the series (in the foreword to Endless Nights) as "The Lord of Dreams learns that one must change or die, and makes his decision."

The character's initially haughty and often cruel manner begins to soften after his years of imprisonment at the start of the series, but the challenge of undoing past sins and changing old ways is an enormous one for a being who has been set in his ways for billions of years. In its beginnings, the series was a very dark horror comic. Later, the series evolves into an elaborate fantasy series, incorporating elements of classical and contemporary mythology, ultimately placing its protagonist in the role of a tragic hero.

The story-lines primarily take place in the Dreaming, Morpheus's realm, and the waking world, with occasional visits to other domains, such as Hell, Faerie, Asgard, and the domains of the other Endless. Many used the contemporary United States of America and the United Kingdom as a backdrop. The DC Universe was the official setting of the series, but well-known DC characters and places were rarely featured after 1990, with one exception: Lyta Hall, formerly Fury of the 1980s super-team Infinity Inc., figures prominently in the "Kindly Ones" story arc. Various characters from the series did appear in other DC Universe comics however, including an appearance by Daniel during Grant Morrison's JLA run. Most of the storylines take place in modern times, but many short stories are set in the past, taking advantage of the immortal nature of many of the characters, and deal with historical individuals and events.

City of lost children

Found this film a while ago..from the makers of stars a young looking Ron Pelman of Hellboy fame..very disturbing..

Film posters

Now this looks like a good this link to view 100 more wierd film posters..

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Mmmm...don't think this is working..

The Butterfly song

I made this vid over the weekend..Have been trying to wrap my head around adobe premier elements..thought the best way was to make something..lost the will too live..but sussed it out eventualy..The song is by a band Splodgenessabounds who had a hit with 'Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps' this wee gem... always makes me smile

Thursday, 26 February 2009

An Artist is born

Today I had the wonderfull opertunity to join Ali's art group with a client.. Ali aka 'Lostfoot blog'(Check it out..too wierd to live, too rare too die). So Ali plonked a blank piece of paper and asked me too draw Alice in wonderland as is the current art theme...As you can see see I am an Undiscovered talent..I found creativity in me I did not know existed..found drawing a rabbit mighty hard but with Ali's tenative nurturing of my creativity i produced this profound peice of work.

NB..Said picture is subject to copyright laws as apply to Eu states..original will be for sale on E-Bay and as alimited edition lithograph

Oh and yes Alice did wear American Tan tights..not a lot of people know that

I was at the People's Palace in Glasgow today..A wonderfull place to spend an hour or two. It houses a history of Glasgow from The Ballroom Dancing at the Barrowlands, the Steamies, life in the tenemants etc. Take a visit if you are ever in Glasgow. Anyway part of the exhibition has such gems as Billy Connoly's big Banana feet, Lulu's dress and one of Elto Johns high heeled boots. Then next to Eltons and Billys boots I found this Gem..Carol Smileys shoes from Her time on the 'Wheel of Fortune show'. Now I have nothing against her work..she is as her name suggests a really smiley lovely person. However how many tourist have visited the People's palace and have went who the f##k is Carol Smiley. She lives in the area i work in..if I see her I will be compelled to say..My God It's you Carol Smiley..Lovin your shoes..

Monday, 23 February 2009

My Dalek

Do you love my Dalek? was made from a council compost bin and stands decaying in a garden, composting to this day...

Bio mechanical mirror

My mate scott made me this Biomechanical mirror years ago..he is a big fan of the Aliens films and it..more for the Bachelor pad I think

Dean Castle country park

I love the Dean Park in Kilmarnock,Ayrshire in Scotland. I spent most of my childhood exploring it and still spend many days there.The park used to be more wild however it is now a country park and lots of areas have been cut back, fenced off and generally made more safe, it is still a great place to explore though with miles off walks through forests. I made a video in the park..'The Forest of Doom' started as a story I told my wee boy about during a walk in the park..however the video tuned out to be more sinister...It's in the blog sidebar if you want a look.
Dean Castle takes its name from ‘The Dean’ or wooded valley – a common place name in Scotland. The original keep dates from around 1350 with the Palace being added around 110 years later. Built by the Boyd family, it has strong historical connections with many people and events in Scottish history – Robert the Bruce who gave the lands to the Boyds, James III whose sister married a Boyd, the Covenanters – some of whom were imprisoned there, Bonnie Prince Charlie – whose rebellion was joined by the 4th Earl of Kilmarnock and Robert Burns who was encouraged to publish his poems by the Earl of Glencairn who owned the castle at the time.

Around 1290, the English committed an atrocity in Ayr by hanging a number of Scottish nobles. It is believed that Sir Robert Boyd was amongst the murdered men along with members of the Wallace family. As a result of this action Boyd’s son (also Sir Robert) joined forces with William Wallace and other Scottish patriots to fight for Scottish independence. He took part in “The Burning of the Barns of Ayr” where the English forces were either burned alive or slaughtered. He also took part in a battle with the English at Loudoun Hill outside Darvel. It is also thought that Sir Robert Boyd was present at the Battle of Falkirk where Wallace was defeated.

After Wallace was executed, Sir Robert Boyd was then one of the first supporters of Robert the Bruce and was trusted enough to act as his queen’s escort in 1306. In 1316, Robert the Bruce gave him the Lordship of Kilmarnock for his support during the Battle of Bannockburn. He was finally captured by an English army at Halidon Hill in 1333 and died soon after. The English however, due to the efforts of Boyd and others like him, were never able to gain a strong foothold in Scotland again. His son, Sir Thomas Boyd of Kilmarnock probably completed the building of the keep of Dean Castle before being captured with King David II in 1346 and suffering a period of imprisonment in England. The Boyd family were to live at Dean Castle for the next 400 years.

The 8th Lord Howard de Walden (Thomas Evelyn Ellis) inherited the castle in 1899 and spent many years restoring the castle as it had suffered over two centuries of neglect after being gutted by fire in 1735. The restoration of the Keep was completed in 1908 and the Palace in the 1930’s. Lord Howard De Walden was a man of many talents – he wrote books and plays and had a keen interest in music and art. His other passions included horse racing (both as an owner and breeder) and fencing ( he was a reserve for the Olympic team in 1908). He collected some of the countries finest collections of swords, weapons and armour which are now housed within Dean Castle.

Lord Howard De Walden was married to Margherita Van Raalte, the daughter of a Jewish Dutch immigrant, Charles Van Raalte, who is responsible for the finest collection of historical musical instruments anywhere in Europe. This collection is also housed within Dean Castle. Lord Howard De Walden and his wife spent a lot of time at their Scottish home and chose to be buried here as is Lord Howard De Walden’s mother - Blanche. He died in 1946 and was succeeded by his son – the Right Honourable John Osmael Scott Ellis as the 9 th Lord Howard De Walden and Seaford. In 1974, he gifted the castle and its collections to the people of Kilmarnock and in 1976 the castle was opened to the public. The collections of Arms & Armour, historical musical instruments and tapestries are some of the finest anywhere in Europe.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Shakespear insults..Thou art a...

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3

artless base-court apple-john
bawdy bat-fowling baggage
beslubbering beef-witted barnacle
bootless beetle-headed bladder
churlish boil-brained boar-pig
cockered clapper-clawed bugbear
clouted clay-brained bum-bailey
craven common-kissing canker-blossom
currish crook-pated clack-dish
dankish dismal-dreaming clotpole
dissembling dizzy-eyed coxcomb
droning doghearted codpiece
errant dread-bolted death-token
fawning earth-vexing dewberry
fobbing elf-skinned flap-dragon
froward fat-kidneyed flax-wench
frothy fen-sucked flirt-gill
gleeking flap-mouthed foot-licker
goatish fly-bitten fustilarian
gorbellied folly-fallen giglet
impertinent fool-born gudgeon
infectious full-gorged haggard
jarring guts-griping harpy
loggerheaded half-faced hedge-pig
lumpish hasty-witted horn-beast
mammering hedge-born hugger-mugger
mangled hell-hated joithead
mewling idle-headed lewdster
paunchy ill-breeding lout
pribbling ill-nurtured maggot-pie
puking knotty-pated malt-worm
puny milk-livered mammet
qualling motley-minded measle
rank onion-eyed minnow
reeky plume-plucked miscreant
roguish pottle-deep moldwarp
ruttish pox-marked mumble-news
saucy reeling-ripe nut-hook
spleeny rough-hewn pigeon-egg
spongy rude-growing pignut
surly rump-fed puttock
tottering shard-borne pumpion
unmuzzled sheep-biting ratsbane
vain spur-galled scut
venomed swag-bellied skainsmate
villainous tardy-gaited strumpet
warped tickle-brained varlot
wayward toad-spotted vassal
weedy unchin-snouted whey-face
yeasty weather-bitten wagtail

cullionly whoreson knave
fusty malmsey-nosed blind-worm
caluminous rampallian popinjay
wimpled lily-livered scullian
burly-boned scurvy-valiant jolt-head
misbegotten brazen-faced malcontent
odiferous unwash'd devil-monk

poisonous bunch-back'd toad
fishified leaden-footed rascal
Wart-necked muddy-mettled Basket-Cockle

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Love this word...just found it the other's the medical name for the rumbling noises your stomach it's said....borg-or-igmus...will have to drop it into conversation when I hear a belly rumbling..very onomatapia

Tarot Cards

Have dabbled in Tarot over the years.
The Universe is a painting by Lady Frieda Harris. It was one of an entire set of paintings created with the instruction of the occultist Aleister Crowley for his Thoth Tarot Deck and Book of Thoth: A Short Essay of the Tarot of the Egyptians. Their colaboration was supposed to be a six month project to update symbolism of established Tarot imagery, most commonly known from the Rider-Waite-Smith Deck, but the richness of the new project ended up taking five years to complete. Many of the works she had to repaint as many as eight times to satisfy his vision. This is the set I own andI love this card. To me it represents that an individual has become all they can be and they shine bright...good Karma..

This card however I think is horrible and is a fantastic representation of destruction in ones life..scares me a bit..came up once in line with a few other negative cards and things eventually did not bear to well for the person...

Monday, 16 February 2009