Saturday, 14 February 2009

Oscars Holiday--A short story I wrote years ago on a beech in Rhodes

Oscar’s Holiday

Oscar donned his rucksack and said goodbye too his friends. It was his first holiday and he couldn’t wait to get away from all the hustle and bustle, the running about and the constant orders. As a member of the collections and clearance department he was totally overworked and would certainly live life to the full during his allotted and only weeks holiday

Finally he left the city, passed the border guards, the checks, and he was free

The rucksack was heavy on his back but Oscar sped along the trail. The land was rocky and inhospitable, obstacle after obstacle blocked his way, deep crevasse’s had too be negotiated and enemies avoided. After a day’s travel he arrived at the resort. ‘Abundance land’, named for its variety and lot’s of everything you would ever want, plus more and plenty off it

Oscar checked into his room at the ‘High leaf’ hotel which soared onto the sky and offered marvellous views of the surrounding countryside. First thing first, the bar, thought Oscar. The barman winked at him and put a white rock into his glass and then pored water over it, the rock dissolved and frothed in the cold water. Oscar drank greedily, giving out a breathless gasp. The barman winked at him, “Good eh, pure high”. A few more rocks and Oscar was in the party mood and the disco began.

‘Stand and deliver’ blasted out the speakers followed by ‘Prince charming’, Oscar was in heaven, Adam was his favourite singer and he had all the records. Oscar started to dance wildly, arms and legs everywhere, when he seen her.

She was leaning against the bar, the most beautiful creature he had ever seen; all her legs were slender and shining. Oscar wasted no time and bought her a drink and chatting too her was easy as she was in the same line of work. As the night progressed, so did the dancing and soon Oscar and Wilma were in each others arms. At the end of the night they went back too Oscar’s room and caressed each other’s bodies, wishing they were off a different order where sex actually happened. Oscar and Wilma were inseparable, doing everything together, ‘Silk swinging’, ‘Stick boat tours and the highlight of their holiday, the pool party where a large buffet of ‘Catapil’ was on offer at the free buffet all night. The company does look after its workers well, Oscar thought and he and Wilma drank a toast to their Queen.

Soon it was all over and he and Wilma had a tearful parting, after all they would both be dead next year.

In no time at all Oscar was back at work and his gaffer was once more shouting orders at him.

Yes, being an ant is a tough life he thought, ho hum.

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