Thursday, 26 March 2009


Love Cats..Love Cats..I found this vid of two cats having a blether(A chat as we say in Scotland) it. If you watch this and have any cats in your house turn up the volume and they will come to investigate..What are they saying?. I have a theory about cats..when you give then a name they develop into it. I had a cat called Jamacia and life was just too fast for her..she was the most laid back cat in the world. I had another called Karma and yeah sometimes she was good..other times a little s##t. They never cease to amaze me....I hate dogs can't stand the things and nothing could persaude me otherwise.


  1. lol Rita got up to investigate, you have to understand that for Rita getting up is high energy expendeture lol so what ever they're saying must be interesting...or about food?! that's the ony ther thing that's make fat girl stir her stumps!!!x

  2. good typing Al... here's the l and the o i missed out above!!!