Thursday, 26 February 2009

I was at the People's Palace in Glasgow today..A wonderfull place to spend an hour or two. It houses a history of Glasgow from The Ballroom Dancing at the Barrowlands, the Steamies, life in the tenemants etc. Take a visit if you are ever in Glasgow. Anyway part of the exhibition has such gems as Billy Connoly's big Banana feet, Lulu's dress and one of Elto Johns high heeled boots. Then next to Eltons and Billys boots I found this Gem..Carol Smileys shoes from Her time on the 'Wheel of Fortune show'. Now I have nothing against her work..she is as her name suggests a really smiley lovely person. However how many tourist have visited the People's palace and have went who the f##k is Carol Smiley. She lives in the area i work in..if I see her I will be compelled to say..My God It's you Carol Smiley..Lovin your shoes..

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